Business and policy insights: Mapping E-marketplaces in Africa

E-commerce is still nascent in Africa – the continent’s 631 online marketplaces recorded 2.17 billion visits in 2019, only 8% of the traffic on Amazon. Just 10 countries, including South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Algeria, are responsible for 94% of all online visits in Africa, the report finds. Meanwhile, consumer traffic on online marketplaces in Africa slipped by 5% in 2017–19.

Online marketplaces are the dominant form of e-commerce for consumer goods in developed countries. They are also prominent across Africa, offering great potential to serve a new generation of consumers and open opportunities for small entrepreneurs. But little is known about these marketplaces in Africa: where they are growing, where they are struggling, and why.

This new International Trade Centre's report offers insights to policymakers and entrepreneurs alike. Based on data and analysis available in ITC’s ‘Africa Marketplace Explorer’, an online analytical tool available to all, the research is supplemented by data on Africa’s e-commerce ecosystem and case studies of the largest African marketplaces.

Attached you can find a copy of the report. 

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